C'mon on over to casa lauricimoria for a meal series supporting causes we care about. 

Menus subject to change, pending availability and laziness of the chef.


The we went to Japan and all you get is this dinner, dinner.

Saturday, May 6 @ 7pm - $75 donation to International Rescue Committee

We went to Japan and all we brought back were enormous bellies and 9 boxes of shrimp chips. Join us for an evening of reliving our best memories. Can guarantee appearances by fermented plum, yuzu syrup, and too much sake.


The "why aren't we in New Orleans right now?" edition

Saturday, December 3 @ 7pm - donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center

Gumbo stars in a night of jazz & alcohol. While we can't guarantee pole-dancing bachelors, the floors will certainly be sticky and bourbon will most definitely rain on down.


Movie night, done right: Labyrinth

Saturday, December 10 @ 7pm - donations to No Kid Hungry

Pizza, nachos, many a snackie, and Bowie at his finest. Stretchy pants strongly recommended.


Galettes x Galettes

Saturday, December 17 @ 1pm - donations to International Rescue Committee

Ham & cheese x nutella & speculoos. The elegance of French crepes for lunch will meet the realities of our kitchen. (Child-friendly.)


Make my mama proud

Saturday, January 7 @ 7pm - donations to the ACLU

Join us for an evening of moral support as Freyan mangles Indian classics. If you get lucky: butter chicken, raita, and lassi might just be yours. (Gin & tonics required.)